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The Introduction of the Manual of Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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The introduction of the manual of plastic extrusion blow molding machine will start from the process, principle and function of the equipment.

What is plastic extrusion blow molding machine?

According to production requirements, the formulated plastic raw materials are produced into plastic products with a certain shape, size and wall thickness through a certain processing and molding process.

The principle of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

Using the method of raw material extrusion, the plastic raw material parison is extruded into the mold for molding, and after molding and cooling, it is processed into various types of products.

Production process of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

The plastic particles enter the barrel through the automatic feeder, and the screw and heating system are heated and stirred, and the plastic particles become the raw materials in the molten state. , The bottom blowing system blows gas, the parison expands and sticks to the inner wall of the mold, and it is initially formed. After the cooling process, the product is completed.

The function of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

It can produce all kinds of plastic products, bottles and cans, plastic parts, large plastic containers, plastic products with special structures, trays, septic tanks, road transportation facilities, mobile toilets, septic tanks, etc.

Plastic extrusion blow molding machine adopts extrusion and blow molding processing method. This processing method is more suitable for the production of large-scale multi-layer plastic products, while small bottles, cans, plastic parts, etc. are generally plastic injection molding. Blow molding machine.

Operation of Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The operation of the equipment includes safety operation procedures, operation precautions, and problems that may occur in the production process, and how to maintain them.

The basic content to be introduced in the plastic extrusion blow molding machine manual is the above content. For more operation content, you can browse the recommended related content.