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Advantages and Characteristics of Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

2022-06-06 Hits: 43 views

Why plastic blow molding machines can become the main equipment for the production of plastic products? It is inseparable from the advantages of plastic blow molding machines. Bekwell, what I want to introduce is one of the advantages of plastic blow molding machines, that is, the advantages of plastic extrusion blow molding machines.

The working principle of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

Plastic extrusion blow molding machine adopts extrusion blow molding method. The processed raw material is extruded through the die head, enters the die, and is blown into the compressed gas to form.

Advantages and characteristics of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

•The equipment adopts the extrusion blow molding method, and the products produced are of better quality and more stable quality;
•The extruder head of the equipment can better ensure the uniform wall thickness of the parison in the process of processing the parison, especially for multi-layer plastic products;
•The equipment adopts PLC control system, and the supporting liquid crystal display can feed back the production situation in real time. At the same time, it is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis system and error correction function, which can control and adjust each part in time, which simplifies the production process of the equipment and the level of automation higher;
•The hydraulic drive system and molding method of the equipment enable the equipment to meet the production and processing of most different raw materials and products, and improve the application scope of the equipment. Products with the same production process can be produced on one equipment, only need to prepare different. The mold is enough, while expanding the production range, the role of the equipment can be exerted as much as possible, and part of the cost can be saved at the same time;
•The combination of molding method and equipment performance, the molding speed is fast;
• The extrusion blow molding process and the friendliness of the equipment to raw materials can greatly save raw materials and improve the utilization efficiency of raw materials;
•In addition to stable production performance, the plastic extrusion blow molding machine is also superior to other plastic blow molding machines in terms of energy saving effect;

Bekwell plastic extrusion blow molding machine supports the production of large multi-layer plastic products from 5 mL to 2000L. The heating method adopts electromagnetic induction heating or infrared heating, which has stable heating effect and energy saving; servo motor has sufficient supply and low energy consumption; the overall operation of the equipment is stable, the failure rate is low, the production cost is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

As for someone who will ask how the plastic extrusion blow molding machine is, or that sentence, whether it can produce the products you need in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving way, as for whether it is good or not, it depends on your actual production needs. This is also a sentence that Yankang Xiaobian often tells you, whether it is selecting equipment, selecting manufacturers, or asking for prices, it is all based on your actual production needs.

The advantages of plastic blow molding machines are the above.